Chip number: 90016300020 ****

This pet has record in the internation database ScanMy.Name.

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

Chip number: 90016300020 ****

Other identifiers

ScanMy.Name ID Tag: SMN-ACD1M1- ******- ****

Description of the pet: Her favorite friends name to say: Nelly, Danielle. Shvi = sit Loh Lazuz = Stay Le Makom = Go to r place Eifo = this will get her attention Loh = No She is friendly, afraid of wheeled objects, love salmon, might be scared of well built man, might be trigger by cat, or loud sirens. She won’t bite but might growl if scared. Great with kids. Afraid of a raised arm Afraid of broom stick and vacuum cleaner.

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