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We protect the ones you love and actively help them find their way home.

Time is crucial when it comes to finding a lost pet. Make it easier to identify them. ScanMy.Name smart tag with embeded chip on your collar can anyone scan using an ordinary smartphone. The finder doesn’t have to take your pet to a shelter or the police to check their chip. With the smart tag, the reunion is faster and stress-free.

A smart dog tag provided by Chaba directly on the collar protects your pet, is rattle-free and comparing to pendant pet tags is very hard to lose. Use your gift card activation code to get your membership to activate your smart collar and lifetime membership now.  Don’t wait until your pet gets lost!

Chaba – for the love of dogs, cats, and other four-legged friends

If you need a helping paw with registration, you can find it here.

1. Create your account

The best plan is the “FAMILY” account granted to you by Chaba. It is a lifetime account for up to 10 pets with no additional charges, fully paid by your Patron.

2. Add pets to your account

In your account, create a profile of the pet, and add photos and other detailed information. Don’t forget to register your pet’s microchip and other identification details in the profile – municipal tag number, tattoo, etc. ScanMy.Name is a global pet registration network.

3. Add ScanMy.Name tag

Put the silicone tag on the collar or harness. Add the tag number to your pet’s profile.