Report a lost pet

Is your pet already registered in ScanMy.Name database?
Your pet isn’t registered in ScanMy.Name database. Let’s check the found pet listings now.

First, fill in the Tattoo/Microchip Number

I don’t know the chip No., but I still want to register my pet in the lost pet database.

How does it work

Check if someone has already reported your lost pet

Just fill in the Microchip/Tattoo No

Not found in the database? Register now.

If you aren’t already registered, and your pet hasn’t been found yet, register now. Lost pet registration is free

Let’s bring your pet home together

A lost pet alert is automatically generated in the database. You can also print flyers and get URL links to share on your socials.

Alert on found pet

The finder will contact you through our database. We never provide direct contact, and we protect your personal data. You can then contact the finder directly.