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Protect those you love!

Maximize the chances of getting your pet back if it’s lost by registering its microchip with ScanMy.Name, the international microchip registration database. The only database where you can register an unlimited number of microchips or other identification marks (microchip, tattoos, collar tags, etc.) for a single pet in one place. We want to ensure a happy reunion if your pet goes missing. Therefore, you can register any microchip brand without additional fees or hidden charges.

Global Pet Registration Network ScanMy.Name

Have an activation code?

Increase your chances of finding a lost pet with us

We're part of the most innovative microchip registry in the world.

Privacy and security is our top priority

If someone finds your lost pet, you will be contacted via the secure form with no direct access to your personal data.

Worldwide service for dogs, cats, and other animals

You can find your pet even if it goes missing while you are on vacation.

Registration is also open for already registered pets

Is your pet already registered in a smaller or national database? By registering with us, you will increase their chances of returning home

Available for individuals, authorities, and veterinarians

Easily accessible search allows an immediate connection between the finder and owner.

Any microchip brand and frequency accepted

You can register multiple chips and tags regardless of the chip frequency or brand.

Your pet’s identification data in one place

Microchip under the skin, in the collar, tattoo, etc. We process all identification marks to improve the chances of your reunion.

How does it work?

Register your pet

Register your pet's microchip and other identification details in the profile.

When your pet is lost

A single click in your pet's profile will mark them as lost, automatically starting the lost pet alert. You can generate a lost pet flyer to print or share on social networks

When your pet is found

After your pet's identification details (such as microchip No., tattoo, or chip in collar) is entered into the database, we will connect the finder with the owner via a secure form.

As part of the Family Registration, you will receive

  • Lifetime account
  • Multiple chip registration for up to ten pets
  • Free profile and contact information updates, including change of owner
  • Actijoy dog care app for your dog
  • Online pet magazine ScanMy.Name – pet care, health, reviews