Have you created your pet’s profile without assigning a number of your smart dog tag ScanMy.Name and don’t know how to add it to the profile? In this post, you will find the steps on how to register a dog tag number to your pet’s profile. At the same time, you can edit any information, including contact details, description, adding a microchip number, or any other relevant information you want a potential finder to see.

Uploading a tag number from your mobile phone:

  1. Place your unlocked smartphone on the NFC tag. A window will pop up with the tag number automatically.
  2. Above the tag number, there are flags with languages, and you can switch to the language of your choice. The default page is in English.
  3. Below the tag number, there are two buttons to choose from: “I’m new here” and “I have an active account”.
  4. Select “I have an active account,” click on “log in”, and enter your login details.
  5. Once logged in, click on your dog’s profile (i.e., the frame where you see the dog’s photo and name). Next, place your finger in the middle of the form and swipe up from the bottom to scroll the screen to the box where you fill in the smart dog tag number: “Your Smart Dog Tag ScanMy.Name”. Make sure you swipe inside the dog card. If you move your finger more on the outer edge, the form stays as it is (i.e., you do not move in the dog’s profile), and you move through the form’s background instead. As a result, you won’t see the field to insert the tag number.
  6. Below the field for inserting the tag number, you will see the text “Insert scanned tag number” – when pressed, the tag number you loaded with your phone at the beginning of the process is added automatically. So there is no need to copy or rewrite it.
  7. To complete the process, press the “Done” button.

jak pridat znamku do profilu psa

Inserting a tag number from your computer:

  1. Login to your account – top right tab “LOGIN” or at this link: https://dog.scanmy.name/signin/
  2. You will see your profile along with your pet(s) profile
  3. Click on the pet whose profile you wish to edit
  4. You will see the beginning of the form and two buttons at the bottom of the page (report a lost pet, done)
  5. Scroll down the form until you find the field to fill in the smart dog tag. Important: the buttons stay in place, and the form is movable
  6. Fill in the smart dog tag number or any other information you wish and press the “DONE” button Important: The tag number has the format: SMN-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX – fill it in, including dashes
  7. You can then check the details by tapping your mobile phone on the tag. Your dog card will pop up directly with the details you entered.
  8. Place the dog tag on the collar or harness.

Don’t know where to find and how to load the smart dog tag number? Check the article “How do I find my ScanMy.Name smart tag number”.

You can also use our “HELP” page to find frequently asked questions about registration and our products.

The ScanMy.Name smart dog collar tag will help your adventurers find their way back home faster and stress-free.