Have you purchased, or received, a retail package of the smart dog collar tag ScanMy.name with the lifetime “Family” membership? Or did you receive a prepaid registration card from a patron? Then you need an activation code for your free registration on our site.

Where to find the activation code?

You can find this code in each retail package or on the gift card. Not sure which code it is? Then visit the page: Where can I find the activation code, where you will find instructions, including photos.

Why do I need an activation code?

The activation code activates your registration for the global pet registration network ScanMy.Name and ensures that the registration fee’s full amount is deducted from your order total.

How do I proceed with registration using the activation code?

Start the activation process at www.scanmy.name/code . Choose your preferred language from the menu. The default page is in English. There is a field on the page to enter your activation code and email. Fill in the fields and follow the instructions to proceed through the registration process. If you go straight through registration, your coupon may not be accepted as it is for a different product at the time.


“Activation code not accepted” – make sure you have entered the correct code. It is 16 digits long, and you have to enter it as it is, including dashes.

“I don’t see the field to enter the activation code” – have you started the registration on the appropriate link? www.scanmy.name/code Alternatively, you can go through the Activation Code tab in the website’s header (left side).

“I have started registration via E-shop or Registration” – you can add the activation code on the checkout page in the appropriate field (“Have an activation code”). Your order will be recalculated accordingly. 

“Activation Code was not accepted in the cart” – make sure that you selected the right membership (the activation code, in this case, is linked to the Family membership, not to the Single or Premium membership). It applies to the situation when you start the registration process from the E-shop page or Registration page. Suppose you follow the correct order and start the registering process from the page www.scanmy.name/code, the right membership level is automatically added to your cart.