The Smart Dog Tag is an additional product of the international animal registry ScanMy.Name.

Thanks to modern technologies, can significantly increase the chances of quickly returning a lost adventurer. The tag bears a clear instruction “ScanMy.Name,” meaning scan my name.

We offer two types of smart tags:

  1. Silicone Smart Dog Tag with NFC chip
  2. QR Smart Dog Tag

How does the tag work?

Silicone Smart Dog Tag ScanMy.Name with NFC chip

We have embedded an SMN NFC chip with a unique number into the smart dog tag ScanMy.Name, which can be read by most smartphones. It is a secure technology also used in credit cards.

Finders only need to place their smartphone on the tag attached to the collar, and they can immediately contact the owner of the found pet. Not sure how to scan the smart dog tag? You can find guidance here.

Unlike QR codes used on other tags, there is no risk of damaging the code through rubbing or scratching. We stand by the quality, so the chip itself comes with a 5-year warranty!

QR Smart Dog Tag ScanMy.Name

This tag contains an engraved QR code instead of a chip. It is highly durable and made from materials used in the aviation industry. The finder scans the tag by aiming the camera at the QR code. After scanning, the pet’s profile is automatically displayed, and the finder can contact the owner. Not sure how to scan the smart dog tag? You can find guidance here.