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How to become a ScanMy.Name dogfluencer?

🐶 Do you have an engaging Instagram account and feature your pet there? 🌎 Is your location USA? ⬇️ Then become our Dogfluencer!  Who we are A…

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How to assign a ScanMy.Name tag to another pet?

Are you in a situation where you need to assign a smart dog tag to another pet for any reason? Here you will find a simple guide on how to do it.  How to…

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How to add a smart dog tag number to your dog’s profile

Have you created your pet's profile without assigning a number of your smart dog tag ScanMy.Name and don't know how to add it to the profile? In this post, you…

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How to use the “Activation Code”

Have you purchased, or received, a retail package of the smart dog collar tag with the lifetime "Family" membership? Or did you receive a prepaid…

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Is the “Activation Code” the same as the “ScanMy.Name Smart Tag Number”?

No, it isn't. These are two different codes.  What is an activation code? An activation code is part of a retail package that can be purchased in retail stores…

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Where can I find the activation code?

Retail package In the case of a retail package (purchased e.g., at a pet store or your veterinarian), you will find the activation code inside the package (see…

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