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Pet tag silencer – 2 pcs

A silicone cover protects the metal tag from damage and disturbing jingling. Ensure you don't get disturbed every time your pet moves at night. Protect your tag with a soft silicone ring to eliminate distracting noises and make it last longer.



$1.78 $1.23

Smart metal pet tag Dogsie – QR

Pet collar identification tag in black color. The tag has a unique numeric code that you can register to your existing account in ScanMy.Name database or any other registry. he QR code on the back of the tag can be read by simply pointing the smartphone camera at the tag. Once the code is scanned, the pet's profile with the owner's contact details is automatically displayed.

$9.10 $0.00

Be advised! Only new registrations are eligible for this offer.  Upon completing the registration process, the offer no longer applies.