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Pet tag silencer – 2 pcs

A silicone cover protects the metal tag from damage and disturbing jingling. Ensure you don't get disturbed every time your pet moves at night. Protect your tag with a soft silicone ring to eliminate distracting noises and make it last longer.



$1.78 $1.23

Smart QR Pet Tag – Oh My Dog

 The QR code on the back of the tag can be scanned by pointing the camera at the tag. A pet's profile with the owner's contact details will automatically appear after scanning the code. Registration is required to create a dog profile. You can register the tag with your account and create profiles for up to 10 pets with unlimited smart dog tags.

$8.95 $0.00

Be advised! Only new registrations are eligible for this offer.  Upon completing the registration process, the offer no longer applies.