There are many benefits to microchipping your pet.  The most important reasons to consider microchipping include:

Identification is Never Lost

Unlike a collar with tags, a microchip can never be separated from your dog.  


Another form of permanent identification for dogs is tattoos.  Although tattooing can be performed under anesthesia, many dogs are tattooed while they are awake.  Drawbacks of tattoos are pain, noise, and procedure duration.  On the other hand, the microchipping procedure is quick, quiet, and relatively painless.  

Improves Chances of being Reunited

French Bulldog reunied with it´s owner

Dogs that are microchipped have an improved chance of being reunited with their owners, as every additional form of identification is useful.  Even pets that have been missing for years have been reunited with their owners thanks to microchips.  

Proves Identity if Dog is Stolen

If a dog is stolen, there is little a pet parent can do to prove ownership definitively.  A microchip, however, provides this proof.  Additionally, pet thieves often sell dogs for profit.  As a rule of thumb, many veterinarians check for microchips when a pet owner brings in a pet for the first time.  In this way, many animals have been reunited with their rightful owners. 

Never Needs to be Replaced

A microchip is permanent and is designed to last the entirety of a dog’s life.  While dog owners should have a pet’s microchip checked periodically for peace of mind at annual vet appointments, it is rare for a microchip to ever stop working.