If you find a lost pet, there are a number of steps you should take to try and reunite the animal with its owner.  These steps include: 

Check for Identification

First, check to see whether the animal has a form of identification, such as a rabies tag.  If the dog is willing, check for a tattoo either in the ear on the inside of the upper thigh.  

Scan for a Microchip

If no identification is found, take the dog to a veterinarian’s office who will scan it for a microchip at no charge.  If a chip is found, a microchip lookup will be performed in a registry database to find the owner’s contact information.  

Post Photos on Social Media

Take photos of the pet you have found (the higher the quality the better) and post them on social media, asking your friends to share the post.  In your post include information such as where the pet was found, a complete description of the animal, and how the owner can contact you. 

Contact Local Animal Rescues/Shelters

Animal rescues and shelters are typically the first places pet owners look for lost animals.  Be sure to file a found pet report with any animal groups in your area.  

Ask for Proof of Ownership

Finally, if the owner is found, ask for proof of ownership.  Examples include vet records, photos of the animal, or information obtained from a microchip lookup.  It’s important to do your due diligence since thieves and dog flippers can target animal finders.