One potential drawback for pet owners is the cost of microchipping.  After the initial costs associated with pet ownership, how much should a pet owner budget for microchipping?  

Initial Cost of Microchipping your Dog

Microchipping can be performed in a variety of locations.  If your dog was adopted from a rescue or shelter, it likely has already been microchipped.  If so, you may still need to register the chip.

The most common place to microchip your dog is at your veterinarian’s office.  The average price in the United States to have your dog microchipped is $45, which often includes the registration fee.  

Alternatively, some low-cost clinics offer microchipping at a reduced price of $25 – $30.  If microchipping is out of your price range, consider contacting a local animal rescue to inquire about financial assistance. 

Registration Fees

Once your dog is microchipped it is imperative to register the chip, which will link your pet’s unique microchip ID to your contact information in a pet identification registry.  In some instances, the price you pay for the microchipping procedure includes the cost of registration.  Otherwise, a one-time fee (typically $20) is required to register the chip.

Do You Have to Pay for a Microchip Every Year?

Fortunately, once a dog has been microchipped and the chip has been registered, no more fees will be incurred.  The only action a pet owner must take is to update their contact information with the chip company if there is ever a change in the phone number.