The microchipping process is not complete until a microchip is registered.  Here, common questions about registering a pet’s microchip are answered. 

Is Microchipping the Same as Registrering?  

Contrary to popular belief, microchipping is not complete until your dog’s microchip has been registered.  Your pet’s microchip contains a code that is unique to your pet.  When the microchip is scanned, the pet’s ID number is cross-referenced with a pet microchip registration database to find the owner’s contact information.  Without registration, the information obtained from the microchip is useless.  

How Do I Register my Dog’s Microchip? 

To register your dog’s microchip you first must know the 10- or 15-digit code assigned to your pet.  Next, contact the microchip company via telephone or through their online portal to link your contact information with the microchip number.  

Where is my Information Stored? 

Your contact information is stored in a pet microchip registration database.  When the microchip is scanned, only the identification number is shown.  The person who scanned the microchip then searches the database to find the matching ID number.  From there, a representative from the microchip company will provide contact information. 

I Don’t Know if my Pet’s Microchip is Registered:  What to Do

If you are unsure whether you registered your pet’s microchip, ask your veterinarian to scan your pet and verify your information.  Alternatively, the veterinarian can provide the unique identification code associated with the chip, as well as the chip manufacturer.  You can then contact the manufacturer and check that the chip has been registered.