Microchipping your dog is a great way to ensure your pet has a permanent form of identification. 

There are several options where you can get your dog microchipped. Places to microchip your pet include: 


The American Kennel Club recommends all breeders microchip their puppies before purchase.  In fact, permanent identification is necessary for responsible breeding status.  Similarly, most rescues and shelters microchip dogs before adoption.  If you purchased your puppy from a reputable breeder or adopted from a shelter, chances are your dog is already microchipped. 

Veterinarian’s Office

If your dog is not microchipped, a veterinarian can provide this service for you at a nominal fee.  The ideal time to microchip a dog is shortly after bringing him or her home, such as at the first vet visit or during spay/neuter surgery.  

Low-Cost Clinic

For a lower-cost option, consider a low-cost clinic for microchipping.  Low-cost clinics can offer certain services at a reduced price while still providing the same quality care as a full-service veterinary clinic. 

Grooming Salon / Pet Store

Grooming salons and pet stores are also legally allowed to offer microchipping services.  However, it is important to note that microchipping should always be performed by a properly trained professional to minimize the risk of side effects. 

Microchipping Event

Finally, animal rescues and shelters sometimes have microchipping drives to ensure all dogs in the community have permanent identification.  As with grooming salons and pet stores, it is important that your dog be microchipped by a properly trained professional and in a sterile environment to limit side effects.