The NFC chip inside the tag is directly readable by most smartphones. So you can find out the chip number without having to download an app or find a special reader or scanner—the guide on how to read the ScanMy.Name smart dog tag with your phone can be found here: How do I find my ScanMy.Name smart ID tag number?

What to do if the phone does not support direct reading of NFC chips?

Conversely, some older Android phones and newer Apple devices may not support direct NFC chip reading, and you need to download a simple app to read the NFC chips. So we’ve created a free iOS & Android app called ScanMy.Name to help read chip numbers for those users whose phones don’t support direct reading.

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Does a finder need an app to read the tag of a found dog?

A potential finder of a stray pet also doesn’t need an app to be able to read the chip located in the ScanMy.Name smart ID tag. 

Most smartphones can scan the tag directly. So all you have to do is place your unlocked phone on the tag. However, it may happen that the user has disabled the NFC chip reading function and does not know where to change the settings. In this case, they can download our free App to help them read the tag.