If you have tried all the steps mentioned in the article “How to check the chip No.” and did not find any identifier, take the dog to a veterinarian’s office, which will scan it for a microchip at no charge. In rare cases, the microchip may migrate around the body, so it is essential to scan the dog’s entire body – not just the shoulders or left side of the neck.  

You can add various identifiers, not just the microchip No. In the ScanMy.Name lost pet registry.

Identifiers you can use to fill out the found dog report include:

  • Microchip number
  • ScanMy.Name ID tag number
  • Tattoo number
  • ID tag number
  • Municipal tag number
  • Rabies tag number

If the pet has no identification mark or microchip, register it anyway, but add a more detailed description of the pet to be easily identified.

What information should you add if the animal has no chip or ID tag:

  • Upload several pictures that are taken in good light and from several sides of the pet
  • Describe the pet in detail, including the information about approximate age, type of coat, etc. 
  • Mention any special physical features – e.g., scar, unusual coloration, paw color, and character traits – e.g., the animal tends to children, is afraid of loud noises, is friendly to other animals or people, etc.
  • Leave the chip insert box blank
  • Fill in the circumstances and location of the finding