Protect your pet using a unique, internationally recognized ID

ScanMy.Name tags can be scanned by any smartphone, anywhere in the world, making it easier to keep in touch with the animal wherever they go


One profile to register all your pets

A lifetime ScanMy.Name account to register up to ten dogs with an unlimited number of microchips, tattoo numbers, dog tags, etc. Store all your dog's microchips in one place

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1. Create your account

The most preferred plan is the "FAMILY" account. It is a lifetime account for up to 10 pets with no additional charges.

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2. Add pets to your account

In your account, create a profile of the pet, and add photos and other detailed information. Don't forget to register your pet's microchip and other identification details in the profile - municipal tag number, tattoo, etc. ScanMy.Name is a global pet registration network.

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3. Add ScanMy.Name tag

Put the silicone tag on the collar or harness. Add the tag number to your pet's profile.

Easy to identify = easy to return

Smart ID tag for dog and cat

Our patented silicone collar tag is not required to register your pet in the Global Pet Registration Network ScanMy.Name. However, it provides an extra safety layer to adventurous pets. It’s jingle-free, waterproof, and will connect the finder of a stray pet with its owner if needed.

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Smart identification ring for birds

Tap your phone on the ring of a found feathered bird or scan the QR code from the front of the ring. Connecting with the owner couldn’t be easier.

All identification information in one place

One account for all pets in your family.

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Safer for dogs and a more secure way of identification - ScanMy.Name identification tag with NFC chip

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  • Anyone with a smartphone is able to scan the tag
  • Nothing can be clearer than the instruction to “ScanMy.Name” on the tag
  • When the phone is placed on the stamp, the finder is immediately connected to the owner

The most popular is the "Family" plan with which you get:

  • Lifetime account
  • Multiple chip registration for up to ten pets
  • Free profile and contact information updates, including change of owner
  • Actijoy dog care app for your dog
  • Online pet magazine ScanMy.Name – pet care, health, review
  • Silicone NFC chip/tag on collar – 1pc

A dog care app is included in the registration

  • When was your dog last vaccinated? When is your pet due for vaccines and flea prevention?
  • Forget about the hassle of writing down your pet’s health details and entering them into a spreadsheet or, worse, having to remember it all—the ScanMy.Name account comes with a dog care app that helps to keep track of all your important pet health information in one place, available 24/7 in your pocket! You can share the records with your veterinarian or fellow caregivers with a single tap
  • You can also connect dog tracker or smart bowl through the app to give your veterinarian complex information about your pup’s health.

Once the chip is scanned, we will display only the necessary information and connect the finder with the owner. We will not display residence data, telephone number or email.